Summer Breakfasts start this Sunday
Join us in the Commons Room of the Parish Hall on Sunday mornings after the 7:30 am service and before the 10 o'clock service (8:15-9:45) for breakfast provided by volunteer cooks. It's a great opportunity to visit with old friends and meet some new ones.
Summer Schedule Change begins this Sunday
Please note the change in service times for the summer beginning May 24 and continuing through August 23. The Sunday before Labor Day will resume the full schedule including Christian Formation. The service times are 7:30am, 10am (instead of 9 & 11:15), and 6pm.
Pentecost Celebration - this Sunday, wear red
We will "be ablaze with enthusiasm" this Sunday on Pentecost. We are beginning our summer service schedule and the summer breakfasts. Everyone wears red, orange or yellow to appear as "tongues of fire". There will be baptisms and liturgical dance, a wonderful celebration!
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